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  • 2012.10.19


    3 fantastic retro electronica links for the weekend:

    1. A recent interview with Japanese synth pioneer Isao Tomita, and his protegé Hideki Matsutake of Yellow Magic Orchestra.

    2. Giorgio Moroder’s SoundCloud account, where he’s posting all kinds of remixes and obscure gems from his archives.

    3. Vangelis, jamming in his studio in 1982, as captured by a Spanish TV crew.



    This subversion of a subway advertisement for an Adam Sandler movie made the rounds of the internets last week. Now Hyperallergic has tracked down and interviewed its perpetrator, Jilly Ballistic.



    Sheffield’s synthpop pioneers are still going strong:

    The pop that the self-consciously futuristic Human League helped predict, an ideologically defiant non-rock combination of glamorous spectacle, abstract visuals and electronically constructed pop sensation, now dominates what is left of the commercial mainstream, but the group poignantly spend their time exiled from fashion, appearing to ironically lose touch with modern realities.

    They started out with a mission – Phil: “We really wanted to reject rock. I didn’t want to wear dirty old clothes and be macho playing a guitar. For us, you could make pop music without instruments and we thought as much cinematically and theatrically as we did musically.” Now the task, more mundanely, is to “stick to our guns and survive”.

    The official Human League Facebook page features a video and some strong remixes for their new single, “Night People”. The song works some of the same territory that the Scissor Sisters and Fischerspooner have explored in recent years — the pleasures of self-reinvention, the liberation of nightlife — but then again, the Human League have been doing this all along.

    Their new album, Credo, is due out on March 21 in Europe… but has no American distributor yet.



    In one of those random NYC nightlife moments, I met ex-PiL bassist and all-around cool dude Allan Dias last night. Somehow this led me today to a Suicide Girls interview with John Lydon, covering a vast array of topics, including artistic patronage, nature shows, animal rights, and the royal family:

    JL: Do you think I should approach the Queen for a bob or two?

    NP: I think you should. I mean you’ve done so much to promote her.

    JL: And I would think not negatively. Hopefully I’ve made it completely clear to the royal family that while I’m paying tax for them I have every right to comment. More so than most I would think seeing as I have to go through all kinds of rigmarole to earn enough to be able to pay that tax. …

    NP: What are your feelings towards the royal family these days?

    JL: Wonderful people. Is there room for inbreds? Yes, of course. If in any way, shape or form you love to study nature there’s a classic example.

    I’m sure his invite to William and Kate’s wedding is in the post now.