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  • 2012.10.23


    Maxx Klaxon’s AUTHORITARIAN IDOL 2012 at Warper

    Thursday, October 25, 2012

    This Thursday, Maxx Klaxon brings a new installment of AUTHORITARIAN IDOL 2012 to The Delancey! Maxx will perform the third show in this special series at the long-running Warper live electronica event.

    Expect a sparkling set of trademark Klaxon electro… plus Maxx’s interactive video interviews with digital avatars of the presidential contenders, speaking in their own remixed words.

    It’s a razor-sharp combination of satire and synthpop — and an all-too-accurate take on politics in the infotainment age.

    (Check out a segment from the 2008 edition of AUTHORITARIAN IDOL here.)

    NOTE: Maxx Klaxon’s set will begin on the first-floor stage, at 11pm sharp!


    WARPER featuring Maxx Klaxon’s AUTHORITARIAN IDOL 2012
    @ The Delancey
    168 Delancey Street, Lower East Side, NYC
    8pm-2am (Maxx’s set at 11pm sharp)
    Free / 21+


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    Maxx Klaxon’s AUTHORITARIAN IDOL 2012 at The Lost Parade

    Wednesday, October 3, 2012

    What happens when authority meets idolatry? Find out this Wednesday, October 3, as Maxx Klaxon brings AUTHORITARIAN IDOL 2012 to The Lost Parade at R Bar.

    This will be the second in a series of shows featuring Maxx’s insurgent electropop, plus interactive video interviews with digital avatars of the presidential contenders.

    This performance will feature a replay of the first AUTHORITARIAN IDOL segment — presented at SPLICE on Sunday, September 23, to rave reviews — and the debut of a brand new segment.


    » 9.30pm: I, Synthesist
    » 10.30pm: MAXX KLAXON
    » 11.30pm: Night Vision

    @ R Bar
    218 Bowery
    Manhattan, NYC
    $5 / 21+

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    For the cover of their issue endorsing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, the uber-conservative National Review copied a Stalinist propaganda poster:

    The groupthink and reality-denial of modern conservatism is increasingly Soviet in character… but this is still mind-boggling.

    (Via Balloon Juice.)



    » POLITICS  

    Conduct your triumph as a funeral. –Lao Tzu

    I don’t think I’d call myself a pacifist, but I’m skeptical about all forms of violence, from the death penalty to war. So, putting aside initial flippancy, my reaction to the news of OBL’s killing is complicated.

    Ultimately resorting to violence is a failure: in this case a long, tangled history of failure, in which many hands — ours and others’ — have blood on them. But there’s an undeniable sense of relief that a man who killed thousands of my fellow New Yorkers, and would have done it again if he could, is no longer a threat.

    Yet I’m not interested in dancing in the streets; that seems tribal and juvenile. And then again, I’m not going to tell anybody else not to.

    I also realize this isn’t a magical End of All Terrorism (or End of All War) moment. But I’m going to permit myself to hope that with the demise of this figurehead, Al Qaeda will be more fragmented and less powerful… and also that already-waning support from the American public for continuation of the almost-perpetual war will further diminish.



    In one of those random NYC nightlife moments, I met ex-PiL bassist and all-around cool dude Allan Dias last night. Somehow this led me today to a Suicide Girls interview with John Lydon, covering a vast array of topics, including artistic patronage, nature shows, animal rights, and the royal family:

    JL: Do you think I should approach the Queen for a bob or two?

    NP: I think you should. I mean you’ve done so much to promote her.

    JL: And I would think not negatively. Hopefully I’ve made it completely clear to the royal family that while I’m paying tax for them I have every right to comment. More so than most I would think seeing as I have to go through all kinds of rigmarole to earn enough to be able to pay that tax. …

    NP: What are your feelings towards the royal family these days?

    JL: Wonderful people. Is there room for inbreds? Yes, of course. If in any way, shape or form you love to study nature there’s a classic example.

    I’m sure his invite to William and Kate’s wedding is in the post now.



    Via Tittsworth: Stickers that say FREE BRADLEY MANNING are appearing around DC.

    As Juan Cole noted recently:

    If it is true that Manning turned State Department documents over to Wikileaks, then he played a small role in the Tunisian Jasmine Revolution, which overthrew the brutal and grasping dictator, Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, whom the US government had been coddling and the French government actively supporting.

    Here’s an update on Manning’s situation.