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  • 2011.02.25


    In one of those random NYC nightlife moments, I met ex-PiL bassist and all-around cool dude Allan Dias last night. Somehow this led me today to a Suicide Girls interview with John Lydon, covering a vast array of topics, including artistic patronage, nature shows, animal rights, and the royal family:

    JL: Do you think I should approach the Queen for a bob or two?

    NP: I think you should. I mean you’ve done so much to promote her.

    JL: And I would think not negatively. Hopefully I’ve made it completely clear to the royal family that while I’m paying tax for them I have every right to comment. More so than most I would think seeing as I have to go through all kinds of rigmarole to earn enough to be able to pay that tax. …

    NP: What are your feelings towards the royal family these days?

    JL: Wonderful people. Is there room for inbreds? Yes, of course. If in any way, shape or form you love to study nature there’s a classic example.

    I’m sure his invite to William and Kate’s wedding is in the post now.